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Garrison Brothers Single Barrel Bourbon

Garrison Brothers Single Barrel Bourbon

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In 2013 the Texas Legislature passed a law permitting Texas distilleries to begin selling their products to guests visiting the distillery property. To commemorate this milestone, Garrison Brothers introduced our Single Barrel Bourbon and began selling small quantities from our little gift shop in Hye, Texas. The response to our Single Barrel Bourbon has been overwhelming. Our goal has always been to educate bourbon drinkers and retailers as to the unique differences from barrel to barrel. For the first time, bourbon drinkers now have a chance to understand and validate that every barrel has its own distinct personality and character. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that a limited number of three-year-old barrels have been set aside for customers to choose from. These barrels are available "first come, first served" until they are gone. Every barrel selected for the program is certified to be at least three years old, a year older than most early vintages of Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey.
Category Bourbon
Region United States, Texas
Brand Garrison Brothers
Proof 94.00