Tonino Lamborghini extra anejo 750ml - Town Liquor
Tonino Lamborghini extra anejo 750ml
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Tonino Lamborghini extra anejo

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Category Tequila
Origin Mexico, Jalisco
Brand Tonino Lamborghini
Alcohol/vol 40%
Embracing the cultural heritage of Mexico and Italy, Tonino Lamborghini introduces a unique tequila range that honors family, deep-rooted traditions, and the art of hospitality. A premium handcrafted spirit made from 100% blue agave, symbolizing quality and luxury. Using only the finest Weber agave plants and harvested from the fertile soil of Jalisco, Mexico, our tequila ages from 9 to 20 months in compliance with a double distillation process to develop a smooth, perfectly balanced, and refined taste that can only become a reference to good taste.

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